The Caine Mutiny (1954)

Seen through the eyes of an eager young Ensign Keith played by Robert Francis aboard the fictional minesweeper vessel DMS Caine during WW2. A film that is undoubtedly a product of it’s time, dripping with a maritime feeling soundtrack of patroitism. The  idea of war is almost known existent, if we didn’t hear a few lines from the crew.

As one captain is transferred on and off the ship, the tale unfolds of a man who begins to crack under the pressure of command and personal demons. Wanting to relive the glory of his past again. Humphrey Bogart‘s last colour film allows us to see the matured man under the pressures with real power. A fully rounded character, from the glazed over tired eyes to the metal balls that keep him calm.

A bestseller and Pulitzer prize winner, finally made its way to the silver screen after being refused by the U.S.Navy to make the adaptation happen. The unravelling of the captain’s competency becomes very apparent to both audience and the on-screen crew/cast, we are a part of the crew as well.

The eventual mutiny on the Caine is the focus of the film and its build up. We never really know what happens at the close of the film, the resolution is left up to us, or those who know the book. The focus is on the crew, not the decline of the captain Lt Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg. It’s how the crew deal with the court Marshall and the aftermath.


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