Before I left for Home

Before I caught the train home to Leicester. We ate in St Pancras Station, sitting outside a restaurant. I wasn’t so stunned by the boring, but to so many romantic giant couple above. However below there was a circular brass frieze of images, depicting life in London in the train world, all aspects were encompassed. Those of you who have visited there have probably seen it, and had a look. I went one step further and recorded the piece for reference use. A piece by the artist Paul Day, The Meeting Place (2007), the scenes below hold more meaning for me, more relevance of real, everyday life, not the notion that is romanized for all to wonder over.

However enough of that talk, the scenes for me are full of passion and substance that we can all relate to, taking something different and personal away with them. His use of perspective is well suited to the world of Railways, allowing the images to carry on forever if you want them to.


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