Iron Sky (2012)

Now that I have viewed this controversial film, I have a lot to express. Mostly good, and some grey. On a satirical level its stuck in 2008 U.S. mode, placing Sarah Palin in Office, which works really well, had they explained how she returned to front-line politics. Putting that aside she makes for the worst president imagined, living up the expectations of the public. Without trying to be sexist, which this film touches lightly on, plays up the dumb-blonde stereotype and nonsensical Republican candidate that she was. For her sake she should’ve stayed in Alaska.

The visuals are a feast for the eyes. The battle sequences are on a level of the blockbusters, living up to the standard of contemporary Hollywood action films. There was enough action in space to fuel the imagination of a young man for hours.

Turning to the Nazi’s they aren’t taken seriously at all, the second in command is a buffoon whose dreams of grandeur are his undoing ultimately. We see that the brainwashing and teaching of the Third Reich was carried through into the fictional Fourth Reich which makes you think how powerful the ideas that were lead a nation to war could still be so strong.

Visual the Nazi world is a blend of classic science fiction and the archaic technology they pieced together to construct their fleet. A real eye for detail on the film-makers part can be clearly seen on screen. Whilst on Earth, or more America, more New York all is as is now, nothing is really touched. The Spacecraft that is depicted suggest that our design and technology has not developed greatly since NASA began. There is an eye for authenticity that is rarely seen on the big screen. Only the flagship the U.S.S. George W Bush is embellished with fantastical designs.

Obviously the Nazi’s fail in their attempt to destroy Earth  its what they leave in their wake that is left with you that is the redeeming quality of the controversial film. I don’t want to go into detail at this stage of its release. Satire at its best from outside the jurisdiction of America, allows for a world view that allows the viewer to really think about our current problems already.

Having Iron Sky (2012) premiere in Berlin and rightly so, we have all moved onto a point where we can consider a brutal future, which has to be softened with comedy, to mock the ideals that nearly changed the world, if not for the Allied forces of the West. The Nazi  regime will always be a disgraceful tarnish on the German people, who have learned from their past, educating generations of children of what happened in order to prevent it happening again. In essence this is every boys orgy of action, dripping with special effects and actors who don’t take themselves seriously. To mock in the instance of this film, that has been carefully crafted in many ways allows for it to be treated as satire.


2 responses

  1. I feel like I was the only one of my friends to even see this movie. It was ridiculous. It felt like such a big budget to me, for a movie of this caliber. But I’m glad I saw it. So crazy town.

    June 26, 2013 at 5:52 am

    • Yeah I know, its amazing what you can do with a small budget, and a computer. A great little film, Cheers for the comment too

      June 26, 2013 at 9:14 am

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