Ways Of Seeing

Yes, these aren’t my thoughts, but it’s a really good question that needs to be explored. I’m currently frustrated with all the attention that the documentary Side by Side (2012) is receiving in the UK at the moment, yet there’s no mention of a release date, unless you have access to a Zip code, not Post Code to watch it online. Mark Kermode is talking about Berberian Sound Studio (2012) which I wouldn’t mind seeing, If I had the money I would go to my local independent cinema which I believe were at least showing last week.

Limited release works in more than one way, not just the smaller independent screens, but also the time they are available for is an issue, you have to be very lucky or shrude enough to find a screening. Again I was very lucky to get hold of Iron Sky (2012) earlier this year as it was release on DVD very soon after it was released.

He also spoke of the viewing experience, watching a film online changes the aura of the film, how we are viewing films on general release is changing, only ten years ago, the only ways to see a film was to go to the cinema, sit in the dark with others who wanted to see the film. Maybe even a naughty pirate copy on dvd shoddily filmed on a handheld in the back of the screen. Still it does make sense when cinemas are closing down, the only way for some is through online platforms that can reach a larger audience. Things are changing.

I also think about the first viewings of all the films I have seen, most have been on a laptop or a TV screen in the past few years. DVD and TV also play a massive role in the viewing platform. But that’s the way the distributors make up the profit margin, which is another matter entirely.



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