Drawing Exhibition (2012)

For my current exhibition I am exhibiting alongside many other artist at One Church Street Gallery. If you’re in the are, come on down to the exhibition in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire.

John Adams/Reginald Aloysius/Simon Brewster/Annie Burrows/Malina Busch/Niki Campbell/Carolyn Cameron/Wendy Couchman/Claire Cunnick/Angela Darby/Barbara Dougan/Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin/Clarissa Galliano/Rachel Gibson/Alison Goodyear/Linda Hemmersbach/Bridget Jackson/Alex Jones/Charlotte Koppel/Nicholas Lees/Debbie Locke/Liselotte B Mathiesen/Peter Millard/Lawrence Nash/Tim Neath/Mary Orrom/Simon Parish/Jennifer Purett/Collette Rayner/Charles Reed/Cally Shadbolt/Chris Sims/Annet Stirling/Greg Orrom-Swan/Sally Taylor/Andrew Vass/Kate Walters/Jane Waterhouse/David Watkins/Jenny Watts/Kate Westbrook.


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