Here’s looking at Blasphemy

The latest out of Hollywood is now to revisit the golden age classic that is Casablanca (1942). Warner Brothers are considering breathing life into a once abandoned sequel that was written in the 1980s by the original writer Howard Koch that brings the son of both Rick and Llsas’s (Humphrey Bogart Ingrid Bergman) son in the middle east.

I’m glad they dropped the idea 30 odd years ago. So now that the classic is reach it’s seventieth Anniversary… why not use it as a money spinner.

The sequel is a great way making money from a franchise such as The Hangover as they have done recently, that has only been a box office hit because of the originals reputation. and so soon after. And it wasn’t as successful as a film, taking the same characters on the same plot in a different location. Using the same jokes, they know they work, but we as an audience are too aware of them. It became tedious as the film went on.

Going back to Casablanca, a film that has probably earned it position in film history, its romance, the escapism of a couple whose paths cross once more after a brief affair in Paris. Full of beautiful moments that have been parodied a million times, having become part of the cultural fabric.

I hope powers that be come to their sense and realise it’s too late to make a sequel. Maybe in the first decade perhaps would’ve been more acceptable for audiences. They have something very special a complete story that had a beginning, middle and ending. Once the credits rolled we leave with our own interpretation of how they carried on. How beautiful was that friendship? Did they meet again in Paris? Please don’t spoil that just to mark an anniversary. Do the usual, and re-release in the cinema, or re-issue on DVD and Blu Ray. Less noise, but still plenty of return.


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