Roger could be on the Run Again

Roger Rabbit-Sequel

I had another shudder at the news of a possible sequel to this late eighties classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) sequel. Director Robert Zemeckis feels confident enough to go ahead with the script.

If this happened in the early nineties I would have accepted the fact of a sequel, it would seem natural, and I wouldn’t really have an opinion being only a young child.

I feel its a forced idea that obviously is to make more money for Walt Disney Studios and getting the others on board to hand-draw all the characters  from the golden age again, which in its day was a legal nightmare, ensuring they all had equal screen time, alongside the new characters of Roger Rabbit and Jessica. Today that would be much easier.

Of course the voice artistry is in the bag really. However since Bob Hoskins has recently retired from acting due to personal reasons, we have lost our Eddie Valiant who along with Roger Rabbit was central to the film. So who will replace Hoskins is the main question.I can however another dose of nostalgia on the rise as classic films are either being re-released on a short-run, or being re-made. Is Hollywood short on ideas again, going back to the well of success for more of the same.

Robert Zemeckis also wants to release this proposed sequel in 3D which maybe an issue for some, however the aesthetic of the film may suit this sequel. Maybe seeing the original classic converted will give us a taste of what this film could be like if they choose to make it. It has got to the script stage so it may happen, then again, it may not.

At the end of the classic we see that order is restored, that image was a very powerful image, filled with nostalgia and childhood memories. Another thought that just came to mind is that the may use more contemporary characters, moving forward a decade forward or two, or even to the present day. Or will they stick to the tried and tested formula?


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