RIP Gerry Anderson

The genius who brought to our small screens the likes of Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet has sadly passed away today. I don’t usually write about people who pass away. However Gerry Anderson played a role in mine and many other peoples lives. I remember sitting with my Grandad as I watched them for the first time at the age of 3…I think. Having all the vehicles. I have fond memories of having Thunderbird 1 and 3 as toys. I remember others having a larger version of Thunderbird 2, complete with Thunderbird 4 too.

The introduction of the show always makes my hairs stand up every time. I always get excited as Thunderbird 1 lifts off from below the swimming pool. It was and still is magic the worlds that he and his team of talented people created in the sixties, even earlier too. A kids show that never really dates, exciting generation after generation. Not many shows have that power. Of course the work has  dated, but that doesn’t really matter, no one really cares. It’s the charm of his work that has inspired artists, model makers, TV professionals with a wealth of ideas. This is the legacy that he leaves behind for fertile imaginations to run free and realize their ideas. To not be worried about being perfect. I can’t help but remember the lemon squeezers in the background the hanger of Thunderbird 1. We are have the license to improvise in our making and thinking.

Rest in Peace Gerry, thank you for all the childhood memories that have helped my own creative thinking. Thank you for the hours of rescues and funny puppet walks that I accept as the solid language and world you created.


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