Margin Call (2011)

Margin Call (2011)Behind all the fat-cats that keep the banks alive, buying and selling the products which to us are meaningless and too complicated to really understand. There are real people, which is what we see in Margin Call (2011).

As the unwanted lay-offs begin in this average banking company, along with one Eric Dale (Stanley Tucci) has been stopped in his tracks in what becomes the most devastating news for the company. That in no uncertain terms marks the beginning of the end for this company that have been floating in out of the lines of safe trading.

It takes his employee Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto) to complete the research out of respect and curiosity for his late boss who left in frustration from the ruthless world of finance.  From there on in spells the end as the facts are laid bare for the directors of the company who all have different ideas of how to move forward.

On the ground floor of it all Sam Rogers, (Kevin Spacey) who has given a good portion of his life to the company has grown tired, no longer seeing the humanity to the business, jaded by all the games and one-up-manship that has cost him his private and what is really important in life. Whilst others such as Jared Cohen (Simon Baker) has other ideas of how to solve this situation. Having already made mass lay-offs, more wouldn’t hurt.

Even more ruthless than him is John Tuld (Jeremy Irons) who leads the board of directors who wants to make as much money as possible.

What can be a hard subject to understand, whilst also very emotive as we dip in and out of recession it’s hard to not to form a negative opinion of these people who have a rich life, making millions in minutes, selling and buying what are products that are confusing to the average person on the street. Yet its the likes of this cast that goes beyond their own needs to see what the wider picture might be. Margin Call, tries to cover as much of the subject as possible, being as fair and open minded about the situation, not wanting to paint these bankers in a bad light. Many have lost jobs, as have many more in lesser paid jobs. It’s the aftermath of the situation that has caused the mot controversy, how they seem to carry on regardless of what has happened, receiving bonuses, living in a security blanket that makes them oblivious to the mess they have caused in the real world away from the Wall streets around the world. Margin Call looks at the beginning of the crises inside a small bubble of a single company at the onset of these catastrophe that effects the world over.


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  1. Excellent review as always.

    December 31, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    • Thank you 🙂

      December 31, 2012 at 12:45 pm

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