Was There Ever…? (2013)

My work currently reflects on the classic horror film Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (Robert Aldrich,1964) which paired for the only time screen rival Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on-screen.

Directly inspired by the famous feud, instead on a pair of has-been sisters, the rivalry is very clear on-screen for the audience to see. Was There Ever…? (2012-13) Is inspired by both Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (Robert Aldrich,1964) and the Shaun Considine, Bette and Joan, The Divine Feud book that discussed the rivalry between the two actresses. Was There Ever…? (2012-13) Brings the two actresses together in a contemporary setting, where both are able to have a conversation, allowing us to decide if a feud ever existed or not, Was the feud an invention of the media or their own actions and comments that has since built into the history of film.

You can read a copy of Was there Ever…? at this link

A diary of the piece can also be found at this link

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