Rachel and the Stranger (1948)

Rachel and the Stranger (1948)A charming frontier tale that sees a widower David Harvey (William Holden) having to take on a new wife out of circumstance to take on the chores of home and his son Davey (Gary Gray). There’s no love at first or for the most part of Rachel and the Stranger (1948) when Rachel Harvey (Loretta Young) moves in finding it hard to take over a house of a grieving son and father. The young boy finds it hard to see this new woman in his life, not wanting a replacement for his mother and rightly so.

Rachel carries out her chores, even educating the young boy dutifully out of obligation to her new husband who works the land and put food on the table for the frontier family.

However throw into this now makeshift and survive family, old friend Jim Fairways (Robert Mitchum) who can clearly see no love between his friend David and Rachel taking his chance to move in on the woman who for now has just been thankful for a bed to lay in. Under normal circumstances and the time of release this film may not have been released under the Hays Code.

He notices no apparent love between the two he attempts to move in on the young but independent woman. Leading to rivalry between the two men, just before the Natives move in, calling for all hands to arms to fight them off.

An innocent film that explores issues of love and friendship in Frontier America, friendship sees them through to the end of the film, even when matters of the heart get in the way.


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