Yellow Sky (1948)

Yellow Sky (1948)An overlooked gem of an atmospheric western that sees a gang of outlaws leave a town after a brief bank-robbery, heading over the vast open salt desert hoping for safety. Lead by James Dawson (Gregory Peck) who’s leadership is called into question numerous times through the course of  Yellow Sky (1948).
Unusually playing opposite Richard Widmark as Dude who is a man not to be trusted as they reach a ghost town, after almost dying on the open desert.
Where they meet a feisty young woman (Anne Baxter) who appears out of nowhere. Wanting them all to clear out of this ghost town that could hold more secrets than the film reveals.
However out on the hills in iconic Death Valley we find Constance Mae ‘Mikes’ grandad (James Barton) who is just as fierce.
The tables are soon turned when the group smell the sweet smell of gold in the hills, why else would this couple stay in the town, any sensible pair would have moved out years ago.
They all come together to form an uneasy agreement to share the gold that is hidden in the hills. That’s when the fun really begins, full of great set pieces and moments that make you think the men are fighting over another kind of gold, that of the female variety who herself wants nothing to do with the uninvited guests that have forced their hand.
A quiet unassuming western that has all the ingredients to make a very healthy and entertain film to view countless times.

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