Just One More Game (2013)

Inspired by Shampoo Silenced (2005) by Kasia Lassinaro removed the dialogue from the screenplay to Shampoo (1975). Taking the next step myself to the visual level, the finished product, the film. Settling on Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf (1966) removing the dialogue, leaving only tension that was found in the chosen scene that was further manipulated. Using my intervention I have hardly touched the video, focusing on only a few gestures than before. And allowing for a sustained period of Elizabeth Taylor as she talks about her idealized son.

A review of the piece can be found at this link

Previously shown

  • In Other Words Show, part of the Fringe Arts Bath (2013), Bath,
  • BYOB Brighton (2013), Brighton,
  • Canned Film Festival (2014), Northwich
  • 1 Night Only Film Festival, Durham.



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