VFX Crisis

I have just viewed this video that like so many in the world have just been made aware of the VFX crisis in the U.S. right now, protesting outside of the Awards, Ang Lee not acknowledging them when he picked up his Best Director award. I guess he got swept up in the moment, but it’s no excuse really, they made Life of Pi (2012) what it is, earning an incredible profit at the box office.

What the VFX community need to do to secure their future us to unionize to ensure they are fairly treated and represented. They have the writers and actors guilds, even animators have unions since the 40’s.

They are all artist in the film industry and must be respected for their work, not being forced to such strict deadlines that they produce shoddy or poor work that can potentially ruin a film. I’m not the biggest fan of VFX, even writing my dissertations on Models vs CGI, but I have learnt that the worlds that film create are fake, but to make them believable you need effective VFX that will enhance the audiences experience.


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