The Tourist (2010)

The Tourist (2010)There are real hints of Alfred Hitchcock at play here, in this light crime romance The Tourist (2010) that sees the unlikely pairing of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Then again who wouldn’t want to be paired against the beautiful actress.

A light tale that brings a tourist Frank Tupelo (Depp) on a train to Venice bumbs into the enchanting Elise Clifton-Ward (Jolie) who has only one thing on her mind – to catch a wanted men. It doesn’t seem that way for a good portion of the film, being on the run from a group of gangster lead by Steven Berkoff who wants only his money. When Clifton-Ward brings along her new friend trouble follows quickly with them. Seeing Tupelo having to navigate rooftops much like John Robie (Cary Grant) in To Catch a Thief (1955), ending with humorous results for the local police.

Once again a stranger is brought into a world of espionage, gangsters and guns but not with the usual revved up speed as we are used to, allows us to enjoy the action at a more leisurely pace, which may win over a new audience, whilst at the same time alienating others. We see another side to Depp who is at the will of the actions of others. Whilst Jolie is a woman of action with a heavy dose of beauty which was helped by the make up that made her stand out in the already picturesque surroundings, just stunning whenever she was on-screen. The pace is slowed down to take in the surroundings more than anything, we are on our own holiday, with two of Hollywood’s finest.


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