6×8 Show

March is turning out to be a great month for my work now. With the news now that I will be showing work at Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester, along side many other talented artist and photographers. Among these names are some artist I know personally and happy to be showing alongside them. The show runs from 21st March – 1st April.

6x8 show

Jim Willis, Kate Hubbard, Victor Azevedo, Stuart John Stafford, Nikolaos Kolios, Alicia Wallace, Harriet Horne, Megan Perkins, Frank Sharman, Natasha Carraz, Diana Al-jiboury, Nick Packer, Gail Brown, Ross Jarret, Keeley Usher, Angie Packer, Susana Delgado, Si Donbavand, Will Storer, Richard Kightley, John Berridge, Peter Baker, Steven Mann, Khush Nubian, Kevin Holdaway, Damien Mcfadden, Alex Filby, Pippa Sanger, Louisa Nicholson, Daniel Proud, Richard Mayston, Loz Atkinson, Benjamin Watson, Ritu Rajbhandari, Olivia Domingos, Ellen Kemad, Kulvir Bhambra, Craig Bush, Wendy Ducksbury, Susan Guy, David Hammersley, John Seaman, Andrew Pepper, Ruth Herbert, Samantha Stubbs, Mohini Mistry, Tom Greenhalgh, Dan Flanders, Dave Trevor, Xander Ashwell, Mary Cufflin, Kate Chapman-Smith, Alex Mason, Lindsey Wortley, Rachel Perry, Will Dias, Courtney Franich, Steven Mills, Tom Carrott, Simon Kendall, Sam Sharman-Dunn, Jodie Cresswell-Waring, Nick Linnett, Freya Willett, Tim Fowler, Dean Leivers, Amy Shore, Alexandra Nicolaidou, Stuart Hicking, Hannah Purnell, Sophie Barker, Alison Allen, Hayley Godrich, Kree-louise Arnold, Jean Waring, Peter Berry, Sarah Shepherd, Tim Neath, Duncan Thomas, Tugce Karapinar, Daniel Crouch, Hannah Baker, Kelly Baker.


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