Slinkachu – Inspirational Artist

Yesterday I was at the preview for a group show I am in, I was talking to one of my friends who made the link between my work in the show and that of the artist Chinkachu a photographer and model-maker. Making work that is placed within the Urban environment, and left to the elements of city life. Each piece is a sees model people being placed in numerous and exciting situations. Working directly with the environment to inform the piece that is produced.

Hide and Seek (2013) 1 Slinkachu Hide and Seek (2013) 3 Slinkachu Play Fighting (2013) 1 Slinkachu Play Fighting (2013) 2 Slinkachu

I am inspired myself in the future to place my work into the natural environment, rather than Urban for my work, making small interventions that allow me to push my making skills further.


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