Cardboard Instagram

I don’t think I’m missing out on the Instagram phenomenon that fills my Facebook feed somedays. Its the same for media Kelly Angood who has produced her own cardboard pin-hole cameras to produce photographs. The cameras are called Videre, that allows for medium format film to be used.

Kelly Angood1

The idea is not all that new to her, having discovered it on her illustration degree in Brighton. ‘It goes back to the basics of photography and teaches you the very fundamentals,’ she said. Going to to take photographs of those who have helped her out.

Three years later she’s got the bug to make more cameras, setting up a fund on Kickstarter, with a deadline later this month.

Kelly Angood

It seems if you have the know how but not the cash you can still achieve the results using your own improvised cardboard kit that produces the same results, Showing that recycled material can be just as effective as all the kit you can save up and buy.

Kelly Angood2


One response

  1. Very clever idea!

    May 7, 2013 at 6:02 pm

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