Objective, Burma! (1945)

Objective, Burma! (1945)It’s a classic film for the boys Objective, Burma (1945) made at the tail end of WWII we are thrown into a group of marines on the edge of Burma lead by Captain Nelson (Errol Flynn) who has to lead a troop of Paratroopers who are the first line of men in an attempt to reclaim Burma from the Japanese who took it months earlier, something America wont stand for or let happen again.

And boy don’t we see the determination on their faces throughout this war film. The build up to the mission is brief, allowing for the majority is spent in the Japanese riddled jungle. The orders are clear, to destroy a radar outpost, which is quickly acted upon and feels all too easy as they mow down the enemy with ease before laying the TNT ready to make a literal blow to them. Giving the audience back home something to really celebrate.

The success doesn’t last long as the enemy is soon on their tail, making for a more exciting film, the fight for survival begins. Hoping to make it to a clearing in the jungle to be picked up from a make-shift run-way for planes. Sadly the planes can’t land due to enemy fire. They have to move on, complete with and older journalist Mark Williams (Henry Hull) who believes he is up for the challenge that is more easily met by men in their twenties and thirties. Like other journalist out in the field wanting to bring home a story for those back home, the mothers who are waiting for their sons to return home. At first he rises to the challenge but as they face more and more adversity.

What makes this worth watching is that fact that through out it all, in the hostile jungle they carry on, standing their ground. They lose half the troop to the ruthless Japanese, a sad fact of war, making this a more engaging film for all to watch and get back behind our heroes in territory that will be won back at any cost.


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