The Killer Inside Me (2010)

Killer Inside Me (2010)I knew this was a controversial film even before I viewed The Killer Inside Me (2010) a crime thriller set in the 1950’s. Knowing that a police officer had a relationship with a prostitute before killing her and that was all really.

A real move and clever fit for Casey Affleck as Lou Ford a county deputy sheriff in Texas who is first sent to give a local prostitute Joyce Lakeland (Jessica Alba) her marching orders, not wanted in the county. But she proves too much to resist for the unhinged deputy who begins a racey relationship with her, that is more just casual sex, becoming more heated in the bedroom with heavy violence, something he can not pass up easily.  Still the marching orders must be carried out, pressured by the king of construction in the area Chester Conway (Ned Beatty) who sends his son Elmer Conway (Jay R. Ferguson) to seal the deal and get her moving. Before this even happens we see the darker side of an already has shown how violent he can be in the bedroom, blows up in our faces as he turns the violence up to the extreme, killing Lakeland in such brutal form on-screen, something to which we are not acustomed to, always reinforced by the negative impact soon after, unlikes the non-chalant attitude that Ford has.

Staying cool and calculated throughout, even when the case into the deaths that night could be turned on him, he talks himself out of whatever detective Howard Hendricks (Simon Baker) who won’t give up on this line of investigation. Even when a young and very innocent Johnnie Pappas (Liam Aiken) who is drawn into the investigation, before hanging himself, Ford admits the crime with gloating ease to the sure to be dead-man walking.

With another woman in his life, Amy Stanton (Kate Hudson), it seems that Ford can have his cake and eating it. An explosive and very sexual relationship which matures. Still able to be violent sexually to her, something they both enjoy. This is too good to be true, admitting to the audience through narration, Ford finds her to be almost the same as Lakeland, having sex with two women with one body. We also have disturbing flashbacks to a a childhood which explains his actions in the film. It doesn’t make them right, just explained, we see a man who has to live out what he was meant to do, to kill on a serial scale, evading his colleagues detection for so long.

The violence in this film is beyond what an audience expects, not toning it down, we see how a confused childhood, stripped of any real innocence can create a serial killer with these sexual tendencies. Not a film that is easy viewing for anyone, it’s a dark thriller in the wide-open spaces of 1950’s Texas, a place where you wouldn’t expect this crime to happen, especially from a deputy sheriff, trusted by all he knew, letting them down with his lies.


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