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Paying Artists Campaign

Ever since I graduated from art school I knew I would be in for long haul of a journey to make a career out of being artist. Something that I wouldn’t want any other way. I have a part-time job that allows me to make work and exhibit all over the country. I’ve had a few successes, my first small commissions, making friends with people from all over the world, thanks in part to places like this blog and social media.

However there is a downside, I would like to be able to make this my job in the future, to be able to say I support myself by the work I make and exhibit, which comes down to being paid for where I go. At the end of the day I am have bills to pay like any other person making their way in the world. Not crazy sums like the established big names such as the YBA’s. I know I have to work for free to get myself known, the exposure. There may come a time when I have to say enough is enough, you need to pay me for making/exhibiting my work.

What needs to happen is a change in legislation and finding that makes is possible to pay all artist in publicly funded spaces. This will allow for diversity and creativity remain, and increase. I don’t want to get to that point and say I was once an artist. I am proud to say I am an artist, long may it continue. Please support the Paying Artists campaign sign up today and spread the word, ensure that creative remains as vibrant and open to all.

Paying Artists

2 responses

  1. always been this way … probably always will. Michelangelo wouldn’t have had anything done without the Medici’s. and he was a obvious genius. but how genius’s have gone completely past us … unnoticed because they couldn’t survive – on Art? just look at writers, for instance – many of the great works are self published. others were refused many times before they finally got out. that means WITHOUT A DOUBT that many many more great – or greater works never saw the light of day … and were lost FOREVER.
    only God saw them.
    it’s like most/many things in life … if you don’t somehow make it happen yourself … it ain’t gonna happen.

    July 10, 2014 at 3:10 am

  2. I know what your saying, I really do, make the opportunities yourself. It’s going to be a hard fight, when the arts council funding in the UK has been cut, I’ve seen/heard of great projects struggling after funding being lost. For me its just being fair when I have put so much work/energy/time and material into a work you want to get paid, just like a plumber or electrician. I’m in this for as long as I have the passion, the added money coming my way will make it all the more worth it. To say I can live off my own work some day will be a great day.

    July 11, 2014 at 12:14 pm

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