Designs for the Future

Ok the title maybe a bit confusing as my inspiration for the design of my work comes directly from the original The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947). It wasn’t what I was expecting, just enjoying a classic comedy which may lead me to watch he Ben Stiller remake more recently. I think it’s the style of MGM that has really done it, when the film drifts into one of Mitty’s (Danny Kaye) dreams. It was the last one that really caught my attention, for obvious reasons too when you look at the images (could only find a few). Which are very stylised, coming from a studio that didn’t produce half as many westerns as others such as Warner Brothers. The set design relies on fronts of buildings that can be seen through, acting only as loose representation of a frontier town, using the images of the time to inform the design. Applying to my work is something I would like to do when I return to the studio, a new direction that would push my making away from what I have become accustomed to, the cardboard shell covered in balsa for detail. I will hopefully incorporate both, pushing balsa to the forefront of the making. it would also allow for background experimentation.



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