Lucy (2014)

Lucy (2014)I was so close to catching Lucy (2014) at the cinema, now a part of me is not so bothered after all that wait I feel let down slightly. I shouldn’t really after I read a few reviews I knew what I was letting myself in for. I even though that Scarlett Johansson was on a roll after Under the Skin (2013) and Her (2013) maybe she’s just having fun, which this pretty much is. Others I have spoken to would say otherwise.

What I see is a loose bit of Sci-fi and little more really, based on the notion we the human race only use 10% of our brain capacity, even less than Dolphins as Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) at a lecture on humans and time. It does however get you thinking about the possibilities if we could access more of our potential. I’d say we are a little more than 10% for sure. Of course thats one for the scientists to explain further. All of this set against some clever cutting in of natural history footage to illustrate what is going on which pulls you into the plot a litre more. I wonder how an edit would play without that footage (potential piece?) how it look, no visual cues as to how all life starts out, thinking of only two things, either reproduction or immortality, which I understand, the need to survive and the need to carry information in some form.

Which is the one of the points of the film explored via drug smuggling victim Lucy (Johansson) who gets herself mixed up with the wrong crowd, when she does her boyfriend a favour, carrying a brief case for a gangster upstairs in a hotel. Both unaware of it’s content which reshape her destiny when she’s recruited by Mr Jang (Min-sik Choi) whose men insert a packet of drugs in her stomach. Should be a nerve-racking situation at least for anyone whose entrapped into the under world of drugs. Johansson is playing the confident young woman, obviously scared by whats going on, she’s not a soft touch by any means which is a plus for the film.

It’s only when she’s on her way her life and body change beyond all recognition when the bad of CPH4 leaks into her blood-stream, courtesy of flash special effects which without this film really wouldn’t work beyond the flimsy science that is the premise of the film. Beginning at 10% we count up and see her abilities only increase. No longer is she afraid of what the gang-men could do to her, feeling no pain, she guns her fair share, becoming super-human over the course of the film. Needing very little assistance throughout, except to get the rest of the synthetic drug back to ensure her stability, now a ticking time bomb that would lead to demise by the end of the film.

It’s a race against time to reach Professor Norman to share what she’s experiencing, To have a record of all she has learned in her final 24 hours. It’s quite impressive what she does sometimes, taking our dreams and superhuman strength we only dream about…literally at times. Some of the dialogue is however just stupid, her conversation with her mum just shows how stretched they are to suggest that she can remember everything from her childhood. I guess this is film that is half-baked really, with an interesting idea that is played out for fun which is a positive really, a good bit of fun is better than nothing. I wasn’t left cold by any of the film, there were moments when you think what the hell is going on here, you can’t ask for more really.

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3 responses

  1. A very crazy movie. But also one that I seemed to have more fun with than I probably should have. Nice review Tim.

    March 11, 2015 at 8:23 pm

  2. A popcorn movie – not an original idea, but exactly what I expected.
    I didn’t mind looking at Scarlet do her thing.

    March 13, 2015 at 6:17 am

    • Thats one thing I wasn’t complaining about haha.

      March 13, 2015 at 5:34 pm

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