Kelvin Ferguson – Westerns Compressed

Last night I was taken aback by a post shared on Facebook, which in-turn I had to share. It was so breath-taking at the time when I saw fifty montages of fifty westerns. Comprised of every frame at 10 second intervals. An investigation to discover the overall colour palette and look of the film. All with incredible results when each of these frames from the respective films are placed upon each other to create a ghostly blur of an image. It doesn’t sound much when you think about it. A methodical task to understand the make-up of the film. A process better explained by Kelvin Ferguson in this post which had me at westerns.

It’s Ferguson’s thoroughness of the work that really drew me to the work, taking a huge number of films and analysing them. The genre is far from dead, it’s breathing summing up the aesthetic of the genre in 50 images, well quite a few more (you get the idea). They are so intricate, drawing you into take a closer look at these films. Admittedly the black and white film aren’t so successful, there are some interesting surprises which do pop-out at you which brings out the essence of the individual film.

Each time I look at these I see something different, It’s like looking into the clouds or into TV static creating new images out of noise.


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