Alan Michelson

I came across Alan Michelson for reasons that will become clear the more you, a multi disciplined artist who produces installations, sound pieces and video’s. I was drawn to the installation Prophetstown (2012) which consists of 8 handmade houses from the “four of which are based on fictional models taken from painting, spectacle, and cinema, and four on historic structures. Prophetstown appropriates the miniature diorama—a museum format associated with the representation of Native American peoples and their dwellings—and deploys a range of specific references to look critically at an American frontier icon.”

It would be amazing just to see these models in the flesh, especially one I built myself during my final year at art school. A larger portion of these include reproduced text that relates to Native history or culture, which adds another layer to the work, no longer are these just models, becoming highly charged, something I could consider for future models, the inclusion of text in the structure not just detail.


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