Steven J. Yazzie

My second Native American artist is Steven J. Yazzie who I was interested in more for how his exciting ideas than anything else. There are a few pieces that really grab my attention that are the result of his experience. Such as Driving and Drawing (2006) which saw Yazzie navigating a buggy in an open landscape whilst also trying to draw. His drawing is ultimately affected by the environment, determining its outcome. In a sense the landscape is guiding Yazzie as he draws.

Whilst Sleeping with Jefferson (2007-9) is a lot darker in tone, looking ahead 200 years at the possible extinction of the Native races. Combining a 5 minute video that gradually shows the depleting numbers of Natives. I have read of previously of Native policies that planned to remove their indenties as Natives married out of their race, not allowing them to register as a member of a tribe. I know that is heavily paraphrased. Still it’s the idea that a plan was in place to eradicate a race over a long period of time. obviously and thankfully it failed.

Sleeping with Jefferson (2007-9) Steven J Yazzie


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