William R. Wilson

My first of five artist who have stood out for me as I look at my response the Native American, which already about their depiction rather than their position at the end of the Western period. Looking at William R. Wilson who works both photographically and with installations which are looking at the current position of he Native, empowering the audience they can survive in the present.

“For Indians, I want to produce experiences that bring us close to home, while unsettling us with the evidences of colonization. I want my work to strengthen Indians with examples of resistance, and the possibilities of controlling one’s own representation. For non-Indians I want to call into question the uncritical consumption of images of American Indians both positive and negative.”


His photo montages to me create seemingly tranquil locations before we discover how the image has been constructed, leaving us with a constructed world that doesn’t exit, reminding you that you can’t escape the reality of your situation.


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