London Trip (4/7/15) Part 2

The next artist to inspire me today is Edwin Zwakman whose show is at Gimpel Fils I was really excited to see his installations after looking at the website. Sadly there was only one here which was more than worth it. Zwakman is a photographic artist who creates the illusion of something bigger using miniatures, with just enough detail to suspend your disbelief. Along the same lines as myself in terms of detail to an extent. I enjoyed his playful photographs, however it was the installation at the entrance that had my attention really.

The reduction in scale of the environment really grabbed my imagination, I was reminded of the cramped office in Being John Malkovich (1999) which I now have a better experience of today. The fact that you can see more of the environment than usual when it has been reduced into this confined form, makes you think of the world around you and how cramped we really are.


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