London Trip 21/11/15 Part 2

Next on my trip was a stop at Fold Gallery, A solo show by Ellen Hyllemose,- Landscape Reconfigured. Not what you would think I go for, It’s the formal quality of the work that has my attention. The sculptures she has constructed that have the impression they took little time to make. Yet the more you look, you can see the craftsmanship. Looking at the floor piece, which looks like the white mounds of fabric, is oozing with textures that grab you, working into the main structure that is intruding in on the space, as if it will increase in size before the days out. It has a massive presence in the space which is hard to ignore.

Hyllemose’s other piece that got my attention was a hanging piece, a number of various sized sheets of MDF that were suspended with green rope. Creating a landscape in the gallery space, whilst also intruding on the space. For me its the presentation, always reminded that if you suspend a piece the suspension element is part if the piece, it allows it to be hung, your audience can’t ignore that fact. The sheets are loosely covered in lycra suggesting hills that are off in this distance painted with these loose gestures. This could easily be done on a smaller scale in my work.

The last show of the day was out of the City centre near the Olympic Village in the Hackney area at Stour Space for David O’Shaunessey’s Zoo Logical which was the last show that I had to see out of the day. A series of photographs that appear to be staged. Empty zoo enclosures where you would hope to find animals inhabiting. However for the most part in these images (bar one) we could see nothing. To me they didn’t seem like the environments in the descriptions. The titles all the Latin names of the animals, adding a layer of mystique to the work. We have to decipher which animal is living here. It all felt too staged for me, could these images really have been just taken at the right moment, or when the animals were sleeping or just out of shot. You could say all the majority of photographs are staged, with deliberate intentions behind them. I know mine are, you have an idea of what you want to achieve and shoot. I guess part of these images are that the environments are constructed for the animals to live comfortably for visitors to view them. We are however left with a bigger question, the function of a zoo, beyond being an attraction they take animals out of their natural habitat, they are placed in a semi habitat that we can live in.  I am however still fascinated by these artificial images.


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