London Trip (28-30/1/16) – Part1

The first of three days in London after my film screening last night. I began by doing my chosen galleries in the outskirts of the capital. Starting my day off at Gasworks taking in the work of Guatemalan artist Naufus Ramirez-Figuero having his first UK solo show – God’s Reptilian Finger which is what we actually saw in the second one. The first room however was a collection of 4 sculptures that look like slices from a larger object, these are only sections that are on display. Made entirely from polystyrene, carefully sculpted to produces these drooping innards that look like they’ve been found in an alien autopsy or under a microscope. I wanted my fingers to drift through them, the more you look the more sickly they become.

The second piece was what I really wanted to see though. Entering a darkened room, a collection a suspended and painted in flourescent colours. It was like being in a film set for a B-movies asteroid field. This one we could walk around. With God’s finger points at us with judgement. The illusion is soon shattered when we see these are also all made from polystyrene. A lightweight material that has the illusion of incredible weight. Lets just gets a toy spaceship and let the camera run.

My next stop was up in Camden at the Camden Arts Centre, where I saw Florian Roithmayr’s show with, and, or, without. A collection of untitled pieces mainly mostly from concrete. however from a far they don’t that aesthetic until you are looking at them closer. They really have do fool the viewer into believing other materials are at play. Roithmayr definitely understands the material that is central to their practice, knowing its limits and to great effect. I found some beautiful pieces in the show that demonstrate that understanding.


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I would have loved to attend that exhibition.

    January 28, 2016 at 10:21 pm

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