London Trip (28-30/1/16) – Part 3

A shorter day than I expected but nonetheless I saw two great shows. The first in Bermondsey at the Drawing Room for Mick Peter:Pyramid SellingOn reflection I didn’t feel the show had a pyramid scale/presence about it. Reading the text (which I choose rarely to do) its about the shady Pyramid selling where you do all work work in a business model to benefit the few. What drew me to this work was to see drawings blown up, that had the style like Quentin Blake which we tend to find in Roald Dahl’s work. Set against these concrete structures that I find these characters hiding around. These are the fooled workers making all the money for the boss raised high above them. Then we have these blown up zips of all varieties around the show. I was reminded how they could only be drawing together by the zip pulley, not even at this scale could they be manipulated into closing. These are the products that are making, that then in-turn are over looking at their productivity. A bleak image really, But I didn’t feel that at the time. I felt like I was transported to another world, like an old Paddington Bear cartoon, with these zip beings that represent the work they have completed, yet never pulled to the end, something is stopping them. I wonder what that could be. I am also reminded about the power of seeing objects at different scales. When I photograph my work I can change the scale just from the position of the camera.

The last show of the trip was over in what is becoming a regular destination for me Parasol Unit for Julian Charrierriere: For They that Sow the Wind. I was drawn to the first room, a series of salt rock structures that have been arranged like buildings from a distance. Closer up they are more symbolic, carefully composed, you could go as far as pieces from a futuristic structure. Being composed from salt a very brittle and soluble substance it wouldn’t last long outside in the elements showing his lifespan is quite limited. The piece would return to the Earth.

There’s a strong environmental theme to the show, but it’s not preaching to you at any time. The work makes you think, look and wonder at the possibilities of nature. It was a strong end to a very productive trip to the capital. I’ve taken in more work than I have before in one trip to the capital which I know will inspire me for future works.


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