Santlov – Woody and Buzz

I’m starting to regroup after yesterdays crit which I am starting to understand where things may possible go. A revisionist western may not be the way forward now. I might have had the blinkers on. It maybe the presentation of the piece in the current show that maybe at fault – I don’t know. Anyway I’ve just found an artist who works with toys – Santlov; a Miami based artist. I’ve found a few inspirational pieces from his ToysRLikeUs series. Placing toys in everyday modern situations. I’ve focused on the Toy Story pieces, (this is just a selection) as they are Toys originally, even though they are characters from a film. It’s an interesting complication of the work. This early research as I look into the idea of politically correct play-sets which I have in essence created. The Animation becomes an accompaniment which I like the idea of, as it would tie up the work without wasting it, as if they are small adverts or shorts that go alongside.


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