Fortunes Fool – Political Playmobil

After my thoughts regarding the direction of my work, I couldn’t resist doing some research into using the two Playmobil playsets. Already I’m thinking that these would be diorama’s/displays for play-sets using most of the language. I’ve found a piece of art Fortunes Fool (2005) by Hugo Orlandinithat, who has re-enacted the scene with bronze cast sculptures that depicts a demonstration alongside the newspaper clipping, so we can see the.

The components of Fortune’s Fool—the figures, gallery, and newspaper image—“all form a part of a mise-en-scène,” says the artist. Orlandini takes this work a step further by creating a miniature, Playmobil-sized version of the scene out of cast white bronze. By doing so, he creates another vantage point, a permanent but miniscule one, for viewers to experience the work.

I could recreate scenes from photos using these sames toys and packaging them as play-sets, creating a new relationship between the past historical event and the play-set which is more honest to that event. It’s all down to the presentation.


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