Westworld Series 1 ep 2

westworld-2016Warning Spoilers below!

And I thought that all the references to the original film were all over with after the first episode, instead we see the park from the perspective of two new visitors. William (Jimmi Simpson) and Logan (Ben Barnes), one returning, another fresh to the experience that is Westworld. Mirroring the roles of John Blane (James Brolin) and Peter Martin (Richard Benjamin), bringing an ordinary perspective, we see the lengths that the park goes to in ensuring that all they enjoy themselves beyond killing a few cowboys and having fun at the brothel, there really is something for everyone. It’s a holiday for the ultra rich, so you’ll have to start saving now, might be in time for the park opening. We also meet our first aware (and limited) host Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal) who takes William to find his tailor-made costume, there seems no detail from the original film that has been forgotten. I’m certain more will pop-up.

I’m starting to think that Ed Harris‘s character is the human version of Yul Brynner’s gunslinger who wants to know more about the world that we learn he has not left for sometime. He’s getting closer to unlocking this world, one episodic step at a time. In this episode he take us to a Mexican town, making himself known. He definitely knows more than the average guest, his years of experience have taught him to questions the limitations of Westworld, he really is pushing them.

Last time the focus of the episode was on Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) who takes a back seat, yet she is becoming the main thread through the series which takes us to the madam of the town – Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton) who is starting to show signs of wear and tear like other hosts. She’s starting to dream, possibly reflecting on a past role which shows the more horrific narratives that have played out in the park. Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) is really playing god, taking his creations giving them life and dictating the paths they take and the reality they perceive. Cracks are certainly on show in this world. we are breaking away from the original film to see a series inspired but very much its own. Millay’s discovery is sure to ricochet through the park, having only a negative outcome for the guests and the management.

I have to mention the failed new narrative created by Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) that’s rejected, even after all the work he has put into the hosts, the detail and back story. It does however reflect how far the management will go to entice more guests to the park. Looking like an Indian Wars scenario, it seen as little more than just Sizemore’s, imagination I wonder if later on these hosts will in-fact be introduced, a possible weapon against the revolt they will more than likely face.

The world is expanding before us, of course we have the groundhog day effect which I am starting to get used to. It’s the insight that the hosts are starting to understand beyond their programming and built in limitations that is starting to show. I smell an uprising soon, the upgrades will backfire and all hell will break loose. For the old doctor who surveys his park and even newest narrative he’s blind like the rest of them to what is really going on.



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