Westworld Series 1 ep4

westworld-2016Spoilers below!!

Cracks are starting to show in Westworld, and I think there’s going to be a whole lot more. My expectation for formula’s been broken, instead of the repetition of events, I think those episodes are over allowing for more disorientation and discovery to be played out in the park. I even suggested that another of the prostitutes might be the focus of one character per episode, Clementine Pennyfeather (Angela Sarafyan). Well that’s not happening, I think if we spent all our time building up different perspectives we wouldn’t get anywhere fast.

Instead we start to spend a lot more time with the Man in Black/Hector (Ed Harris) who is well into his search for another level of the park, something linked to the map he found in the first episode which has allowed him to further his suspicions. He’s building up a gang of riders, including a woman (Annie McCain Engman) whose merely a stepping stone to his ultimate goal. We learn of that he has a charitable organisation, however the subject is soon closed. He’s here to escape his own life, living out emotions he just can’t express in his everyday life. Is the future one that is so good that some basic human emotions aren’t allowed to be express Logan (Ben Barnes), who are on the hunt for the infamous Wyatt. It seems that Hector is not really enjoying the park, or is more to do with his conscience. He wont draw his gun with ease, he wont take a girl, all of which are there for his pleasure. Even with Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) in tow he still is unsure of his surroundings or what his actions should be. The biggest playground in the world and he won’t relax and play.

The consequences of last week for Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton) are starting to have a real effect on her, having unwanted flash-backs, not even those from previous roles that are leading her to question her own reality. Her experiences are starting to really shape the course of the series. I’m guessing it will take more than persuading resident gunslinger (Eric Shackelford) who arrives after later on. His shock entrances orchestrated by Hector who has more control than we first imagined, all guests probably do if they know the right people and have the right money. Will the gunslinger start to understand what is going too. He already knows about the men in the space-suits, that is to say the protectors from one world to their own.

This ideologies connected to possible souvenirs that guests can buy, dolls of the spacemen (the engineers who carry off and repair the hosts) are connected to the still very much underused Native Americans which is starting to frustrated me. Are they just there to pass through or will they be brought into it the more Millay questions her existence. It’s a very revealing episode both in the park and above in the corporate world that is firmly under the subtle control of Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins), he is playing his own game, one he;s been playing for far longer than the big money that has brought into the place.  This really is a rich world that only now are we starting to understand, with some history last week, now its the politics. Whilst on the ground repercussions of updates and human error are starting to show.




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