Westworld Series 1 ep5

westworld-2016Spoilers below!

Admittedly I am starting to get frustrated with Westworld there has been a lot of exploration, self realisation and breaking of realities. However there’s little in the way of reaction and revolt from the hosts who are mostly stuck in their preprogrammed loops for their guests pleasure and that alone. We are now half way into the 10 episode run and we are yet to see any real rebellion that we found in the original film. Albeit at the end we still get ultimate result of technology surpassing the creators. I realise they need to add more context and update that pivotal flip from the safety of the management to all out revolt that is just…just starting to simmer, not even coming to the boil. Would it hurt too much to see a host really be a threat to a human, to show the potential danger that should be around the corner.

So onto this weeks installment which is seeing Bernard Lowes (Jeffrey Wright) plan after sending Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood)back into the park, more aware of her reality than before. Purposefully not pressing her internal reset button. He wants the park to fail, or he wants to realise what was earlier abandoned by the parks dead creator, he’s setting them free. We are still following Abernathy who is almost there to becoming sentient when she follows two guests William (Jimmi Simpson) and Logan (Ben Barnes) who we are also learning more about. How they came to the park and their relationship before. Now they have reached their own personal challenge, embarking on a scenario with the lesser explored Confedardo’s – Confederates who didn’t give up after the war and went across the border to Mexico. I’ve only seen this explored once in Rio Conchos (1964).

We have a tonal change as well, since the first episode we have had images of the naked hosts, deep underground – always seen from the waist up. Until the half way point the camera has been allowed to both go lower and pull back. This is either for visual effect, for ratings increase or to say that you have come this far, why not truly see what is going on in Westworld. That was the biggest change for me.

We continue to follow the unpredictable Hector (Ed Harris) who is getting more predictable as we go on. He’s becoming 2 dimensional a times, we know he enjoys a good kill of a host, he’s letting of much-needed steam in a world of the future that maybe frowns on such acts on the outside world. Coming Westworld is his only true escape. There is a nice scene between Hector and Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) which is a nice additional texture to their relationship and a possible built-in fail-safe too to look out for.

Madame Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton)  is again on the operating table with the same engineers who left he awake. This is where things are starting to get interesting, playing with technology when they shouldn’t. Does the rebellion begin underground before spilling out onto the park? I’m hoping that episode six entering the latter half of the first season we will see some darker images, more danger towards the guests. Hell just bring back Yul Brynner the original Terminator with a holster.


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