Westworld Series 1 ep6

westworld-2016Spoilers below!

I think we are starting to get somewhere now, I say that lightly as we are still expanding the world of the theme-park at the same time. If there’s going to be a revolution of some kind, it may not be until the second series which all hangs on how episode ten’s received and if there’s still an audience.

So what happened to make me consider this. Firstly we picked up with Meave Millay (Thandie Newton) one of the two hosts whose becoming increasingly aware of her existence. We left her in the workshop, waking up shocking one of the engineers Felix Lutz (Leonardo Nam) who has a knack with host behaviours. Now there is one host whose eyes have been really opened to what is going on. Using her position and situation to her advantage. All she has to do now is cause the uprising, can that really be done in 4 episodes or will that be the series finale?

We have left the two brothers for this episode, which I hope will be picked up next week. We spend about 2 scene with older Hector (Ed Harris) riding with Teddy Flood (James Marsden) who’se being used through the Wyatt narrative to get to the maze, that’s if Dr. Ford allows him that far. The image of the maze is starting to be found elsewhere in the park. Ford is not afraid in throwing in the map, which can be seen as a personal motif or even a rouse?

Picking up from last week in more detail is the shocking finding of the transmitters found in the older hosts, and the more contemporary use of them in the park. This is a thread that starts to look at other malfunctions in the park. The makers of the showing are putting in a lot and trying to spread it out among the shows run, picking it up as and when. For me this is a slow process, (probably as I’m not a serial box-set watcher) which I hope, I say hope will pay off with some answers soon as they are adding more and more and not getting far fast. I’m getting impatient with this rich world that has a lot potentially going for it

A nice surprise with boy, who turns out to be a first generation host, along with a host version of Arnold. Using imagery that we find in A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) are we in that same or similar universe, who are not willing to create a “David” android? Ultimately this is another story-line that is starting to develop, for me I want the realisation to occur in more of the hosts.

Lastly if you look closely in one of the early scenes you might see a very cheeky nod to the original film as Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) goes to the surface to do some investigating. Maybe we never really left that park, which has simply updated as technology has? Now that’s something to stick around for.


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