Westworld Series 1 ep7

westworld-2016Spoilers below!

Yesterday I read that Westworld has been recommissioned for s second series, so that must mean that ratings/views of the series have been decent enough to produce more. That maybe enough to suggest that episode ten will leave us on a strong cliff hanger. I say that with still a note of caution as we are getting a very drawn out series of events.

This weeks episode shifts the action to above with the board-members who have come to visit the park after hearing about the malfunctions after the most recent update. Making more use of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) who is flexing her muscles in more ways than one. We are also getting more of an understanding of the history – again, looking more at Robert Ford, I can see why Anthony Hopkins was cast now, the cunning doctor who knows far more than he is letting on. You could say he has a god delusion complex over the park he and the deceased Arnold created years before. Its getting darker above the park, but we already knew that.

Back in the park we have left Lee Sizemore, to focus on the train with William (Jimmi Simpson) and Delores (Evan Rachel Wood). Hector who needs to prove to himself to be more of a man, a standard idea of the Western, whilst Delores is in search of something, it’s like a pilgrimage, unsure of the destination yet compelled to carry on no matter what. We see Hector starting to really come into his own now, even Delores as we enter new territory and meet up again with the Confederado’s.

Still it’s all about the park and Ford in this episode who is revealed to have more control than he let on before. He’s not a kindly old man who knows the park inside out and wise from his experience. Instead its his knowledge and superior intellect over them in terms of the hosts that we discover are turning up in new places above ground.

Lastly Meave Millay (Thandie Newton) is starting to show signs of the modifications, she’s starting slowly to gain control of the park, using all she knows to do so. When she’s back in the park she is obviously more aware, creating a tense moment when the engineers visit the park (frozen) to remove one of the host. These are the figures you can buy at the gift store, who are playing god on the ground. Taking with them someone due to violent concerns.

I think we are finally getting somewhere, the faults have been picked up by the board of directors, yet they are going to have to fight Ford and the Hosts who will revolt. It will have religious undertones before turning into something more bloody. Will Ford use these defective host to his advantage or be over-run by them? I’m holding in there for episode 8 now with more attention.


2 responses

  1. Not many series will be able to match the production values (except Game of Thrones) of this series – not to mention the cast.

    November 17, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    • Very true,I can only say that from the clips I’ve seen, not being a box-set watcher. the cast here is something to rival that only GOT can really match, I guess it helps being made by HBO too.

      November 17, 2016 at 7:23 pm

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