London Trip 18-19/11/16 Part 1

Before I make my performance debut at ImpFest (2016) at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre on 19th November. I’ve decided to take in a few shows, starting with a very impulsive show at the O2 Arena – Star Wars Identities which allows to take a look a mass of props, costumes and concept art. Honestly I wanted to see the models after seeing a few articles online, I was sold.

After a rehearsal at the venue for tonight’s performance I went straight over to the O2, brimming with excitement and humming the soundtrack. During my time there I was given a few pieces to wear, an ear-piece for wireless audio to videos that explore how we are different and what defines us as individuals, all related back to Star Wars (the first 6 episodes). I had 10 steps to complete, using a wristband that kept track of my choices and decisions, building up my overall characters in the Star Wars universe. Anyway enough of my talking, and time to share some of my photographs.

Another highlight was the last gallery of the day at T.J. Boulting Gallery to see the work of Stephanie Quayle: Jenga who explores our impact of the natural environment. Using reclaimed wood designed and displayed like a Jenga tower, where we find clay monkeys sitting all over the main piece that confronts you as you enter the down-stairs gallery-space. Another confrontation that is more powerful is the 4 orangutans on crates. Who stare at the visitor. I’m reminded of Twelve Monkeys (1995) when Bruce Willis escapes via time travel from a future when the planet has been reclaimed by nature, with a tiger in New York.


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