Westworld Series 1 ep9

westworld-2016Spoilers below

This week my expectations have been smashed, we are getting close to the hosts revolt now, its palpable with Meave Millay (Thandie Newton) leading from the front as she returns to the park, finding the gunfighter. That’s not before scaring the hell out of Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) whose going through his own set of issues. We spend little time with Meave in favorite of Dr. Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) favourite host who wants to have all his memories released, wanting to be more free to understand who he is, how they have helped form him. He wants to know more about his back-story, something that the other hosts (except Meave) don’t question. Of course these back-stories are pretty basic in comparison to the history we carry with us, our experiences and memories form who we are every day, some changes us for the better or worse. The hosts are more 2 dimensional, making them more about familiarity within the stories they’re programmed into.

We see just how far Ford has control over his hosts when we see Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) after her robotic lobotomy. Maybe he will make it a long way into the next season, I can’t see him lasting long once the revolt is underway, or will he run for cover?

After catching the tail end of an interview with Ed Harris at the weekend I know he is back for season 2, which was initially 8 episodes but will now be the full 10. So going by that, he won’t die at the hands of Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal) who has limited self-awareness. Playing part of the Wyatt story-line – I thought for a while that Wyatt was going to be Arnold, – that is soon scuppered. We do however have more answers to Hector and his relationship with the park, He is either an associate or a share-holder, having an strong interest in the park, far beyond his own personal demons.

We finally learn who Arnold is – or was when Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) goes wandering after leaving William (Jimmi Simpson) and Logan (Ben Barnes) who were reunited at the end of the previous episode. The two men are still at loggerheads, finding different things in the park, fighting over what Delores is to them. One a robot to be shot, slept with and abused, or a person of different form who has a right to be free. We have a pragmatist and an idealist. It’s all about Delores really who goes to confession at the old host training ground, where we learn a lot more about Arnold.

Lastly we can see another character become lost to the hosts, yes it’s finally happening, the fail-safes of technology are malfunctioning, or outgrowing their creators. Bring on episode 10, or should I be saying bring on series 2.


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