Painting the Town… Update (4/12/16)

I think I’ve carried out my initial tests now before I refine from the results from the two days in the studio. I know I’m getting somewhere, at the moment it looks like a possible installation – something I’ve not done before, having gone more sculptural that is easily transportable. This is a whole different piece. I’ll tell how I got there below, coming back into the studio today, wanting to get at least one more series of tests out of my system. This time involving my cowboy figures from my animation. I decided also to shoot in black and white this time, wanting to focus on the shadows that are created by the light onto the figures.

It didn’t take me long to want to add more figures, populating this test to create more shadows, in turn a bigger gun-fight on the street. I again became frustrated, as I was struggling to create long shadows that I thought would come rather easily to the test.

I knew this was down to the height of the lights which I use. Leading me to lay them flat on the floor, not making use of the legs that stabilise them. immediately I had better shadows.

I made good use of a new tripod I bought during the week that gave me a lower angle, lifting it off the ground by under and inch. I feel that I captured some classical images. Reminding me of the gunfight in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) which lead me to use the projector for the remainder of the tests. Leaving the figures in place I decided to see what happens.

Ultimately I found this test produced mixed results, as much as I had a fantastic scene which told me I was doing the right thing in terms of gunfight’s projected onto the model miniatures, the figures were lost, the light and image was lost to them, Leading me to remove them completely for the next test which also saw me reorganise the models which has far more impact.

From the final test I can see that its about the models capturing the violence which is found on the models, they are part of the models history, the filmic history of violence. So where do I go from here you might ask? I’m thinking that I should make more models, and build-up a collection of gunfights to work with. Maybe I’ll build up a montage that can be projected across a town – so is that a video piece or an installation? I’m not sure yet, all will come clear in the new year.


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