Painting the Town… Update (10/12/16)

A very quick update as I haven’t spent as much time as I wanted to on this work. I have however been looking over some earlier notes and come up with a loose narrative that translates the Painting the Town Red events to the wild West. Involving drunk cowboys and Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. Which at the moment leaves me with the direction of constructing a that arena. This replaces a local races event that took place around the time of original incident.

I’m still concerned that this is too illustrative, moving the events from one location to another, or does that show how versatile the events can be from country to country. The time period would have to be moved forward too. The projection tests all depicted violence, which works far more than today’s thinking. I have also be considering some animating some red paint which maybe just too obvious. What I need is to project the violence of the genre, which wasn’t really confined to my model miniature town. I need to source the most violence scenes and work with them, they will tell me where to lead with this.


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