2016 in Review

As much as we all want this year to be over, with the Brexit result seeing the UK leaving the EU and the shock victory of Donald Trump in the States, along with a string of high profile death of much loved celebrities its been a hell of a year. The continued refugee crisis in the middle east and its impact on the world there hasn’t been much to celebrate. Personally I’ve had my own challenges, which are all part of the fabric of life.

On a creative level I have pushed myself with a 30 minute animation that was finally completed last month. I’m preparing for another more experimental piece of work involving projection, keep a look out for Painting the Town.. posts. I have also undertaken my first performance, I’ve now got a taste for it and would like to repeat the experience.

Last year I had only 4 shows, reflecting an adjustment to working full time to support my practice. This year I’ve had 8 shows, along with my fourth in New Mills which I’m very proud to be part of. I’ve had my first online show too which is a very exciting to engage with a digital audience away from my blog/website.

Turning to my reviews I have reduced my output (something that comes with full-time work) only reviewing when the passion is there. I’ve also started a constant review of them to ensure I have only the strongest content, reflecting my critical thinking. I will continue my series of Revisited film reviews. I’m hoping to look at a few trilogies next year along with the usual new and classic films I’ll be catching.

Lastly I wish you all a happy, productive, creative and prosperous new year, if we can make it through 2016, 2017 will be a challenge we can all meet and succeed.


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