Painting the Town… Update (8/1/17)

I’ve finished my test video, which saw some reshaping after a night away from it, allowing it to be a lot faster and hopefully more emotive. Focusing on the innocent victim of violence, not those who fight each other, the gunfights, those who are caught in the line of fire or even killed in cold blood.

With the test video ready I moved down to the project space to see how it works projected against the models. I’m rather happy with how it went really, having a montage of clips that build up violence against the innocent. I think I’m finally hitting on something, having the violence thrown at the town below, consuming it. Looking at some of the stills of the test some of the scenes just don’t work, which is a matter of trial and error.

Now I need to test out other forms of violence in the genre. I might even spill over into other Hollywood films to see what is on offer there, it would be a shift away or an opening up of. At the moment I’ve got a good presentation going on here, lets focus on the content that is to be projected onto this model miniature town.


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