Painting the Town… Update (28/1/17)

Its been the first day of the new year to have been working with cardboard, and it felt good to return to my favorite material. With so much in the studio I’m spoiled for choice, for the first 5 model miniatures of the year I decided to use 1ply cardboard. This has allowed me to work fast on a small-scale.

So moving this work forward I want to see how the project I want to see how they work against more models. I’m thinking smaller as I am reaching the full-scale of the projector. Also seeing the violent images falling onto more objects should’ve a different effect. Today I have started to construct more models, beginning with the four originally scaled down to half the size so I can still add some gestural detail later on before painting. I have produced 5 today, including a new model based on one of my livery stables.

I’m hoping to make a good few more, taking my whole collection and making smaller versions of them which will be nice to see how they compare.  Otherwise its been a full on day of making which I have missed, I’m looking forward to making more, adding the detail before painting them all white again.


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