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Painting the Town… Update (18/3/17)

A quick update, after a few weeks of silence – as I was only painting a coat of paint a day I am happy to now move onto the next series of test. I’m considering two test to carry out in the studio.

One is a straight forward reusing of the two test videos on the miniature town, which is going to be straight forward. I would then like to look at a more complex set-up, reworking both the videos to be included simultaneously, projected on either side of the street. I’m already thinking that whatever I have exported will determine the layout of street. The distance between the two videos, if any, they will change how it plays out.

Whilst in the studio I shared my work, it was suggested that the internal scenes I have used in the videos could be out-of-place in the exterior setting. Maybe an interior model, maybe a saloon could be made, I could then make a fresh set of test videos, external and internal violence. I’ve never attempted an internal piece, it’s something I would like to try it, pushing my making skills in a new direction, I’m already looking forward to the visual research already.