Painting the Town… Update (23/7/17)

I thought the gap between updates at this stage would be longer. Even with an unplanned week off I have completed the main body of painting. All completed with primer paint which I learned it a form of acrylic paint so I carried on after the initial priming coat to just do 2 more coats. Turning out to be a faster process.

It’s one of the bigger model miniatures I’ve made and admittedly the ceiling it at angle, purely down to the posts which I have fitted, however I don’t want to alter them too much. Now all I need to do is waiting to paint the posts which I can do paint them next time. I might even get to test the videos again, I just need to edit the desired speeds of both tests into one video. Its something I have been thinking about, the relationship between the two films I have been working with.

If this next test goes well I might take the plunge I start to look at building Minnies Haberdashery from The Hateful Eight (2015) which is a far bigger set. Which would be far bigger in scale, but the detail I would have to balance out by making it on the smaller scale. Also violence takes place all over the setting, I could really play with the projection, by moving the action to be projected in the area in took place in. Its still an idea at this stage and I need to see how this turns out first. I am still relishing the chance to push the idea further.


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