Painting the Town… Update (31/7/17)

A quick update today. I’ve been making a slow start on Minnie’s Haberdashery. Using the scene that I’ll be projected as the main point of visual reference. In terms of size I’ve decided to return to a smaller scale, allowing me to get an understanding of this new model miniature and the challenges that I will bring to.

Firstly there is a lot of furniture that needs to be made, about six tables with chairs for each. That’s not including the bench. All of these will have to be figured out and simplified into some form that is recognisable. As much as I want to show the whole set, which would be great to make. I need to consider the projector and how its going to work with it. So I’ve take out a corner of the piece, so it will come in at an angle for this one. Also working well as there is little information for that corner, maybe this was where the camera’s were mainly positioned during filming.

I can’t wait to add the walls and the beams that run throughout the model. I won’t be adding a ceiling as the beams will be enough to suggest that. There is only a base at the moment which will be added to as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress. It’s going to push my making, the presentation of the model as ultimately the projected image will be affected in some way, which at this stage I don’t know which is very exciting.


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