Painting the Town… Update (2/8/17)

I’ve made a good start on Minnie’s Haberdashery today, with the main structure up in only an hour. Giving me plenty of time to get on with adding a few of the features. Being a more detailed set I have decided to take note of the larger pieces, such as the shelves and tables. Te chairs I am thinking of a design that can be easily replicated on a mass scale.

So today with the main piece up, I have added the raised step for the entrance first, before moving onto the most complicated part of the day, the fireplace, with the curved middle section which took me sometime to figure out how I was actually going to cover and create the shape in cardboard. Once the main body was in place I began to add the curvature, before fleshing it out. I didn’t want it to be a lot of folded/wrinkled card that was cut and glue into place creating the shape. I wanted something more fluid. I had to reach a creative resolution. So once I had the bottom in place – the easy part. with a curved support at the back I turn to added wrinkled/folded strips of card to bring the shape together. I wasn’t happy. Yet this was in the back, giving me room to play in the from. Using a spare strip I decided to see what it would look like if it was cut to size. It worked – the best I could hope for really, 5 strips later I and a trim on the top and base when it was fitted in I’m a lot happier.

I’m not going to add gum-tape to this model miniature as it feels a lot more secure, it could be down to the size I am working out, a bit smaller. Or it could be the cardboard I am using that is essentially a piece for each wall. It’s all down to what I have to hand at the time in my studio.

I finished the day drawing on roughly where I wanted the furniture, I what I needed. These drawings will act as a visual reminder of what I need to make and where they fit. Some will be fixed to the walls, others will be loose as in the previous model miniature. This will take a lot longer to make purely because of what there is to produce for it. I’m just happy it’s taking shape.


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