Painting the Town… Update (9/8/17)

I’ve decided to take a few days off after a period of great activity. I feel the speed I am going at is not going to be a good thing if I keep it up. I need to stop, reflect and do other things. I am hoping to return later in the month to prime/paint the work before I project.

With my decision out of the way I had a shorter day in the studio, working on firstly on the new design for the chairs, which meant less detail but taking the same form. I felt when comparing the two designs, that it would be easier to make the second one, however it started to look like a babies high-chair. I feel though that ultimately that less is more in this case. I may change my mind during my time off and create 21 new chairs.

I moved onto add the funnel to the furnace/boiler and also attempt to smooth out the main body of the model. I’m not all that happy with this piece, I think because it still out of my abilities when it comes to curved cardboard, working with tubes can be hit and miss.

Moving onto what I have the most fun at – the Balsa wood detail. Maybe it was the change of material, working with something different that made it all the better for me. I also used less than I cut, usually its underestimated. This time I decided to pay more attention to the window frames, which are thinner, so I cut strips in half. I found that more satisfying too as it was more thoughtful than the average gesture. Maybe I am developing a new model language, or my making is simply changing as I move forward with this work.

When I return to the studio I will be beginning to prime and them paint the entire model, which I think will take me through the rest of the month.


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